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By creating an account or by using the website you agree to the following terms of use.

Visitors and users of the page and those applications shall contain, must carefully read the present terms. The may amend at any time these terms of use. And visitors / users bear the responsibility to periodically check if you have modified these terms of use. The use of following the above referenced modification is considered acceptance of terms of use, as they were.

In case of non-acceptance of any term of use, EXPRESSLY PROHIBITED the use of

Specific :

1. Data Protection:

1. We pledge that we are not going to use the personal data you provide when you sign up (email, name etc), to sell or to give to third parties. These data are used only for our own use, in case you need clarification for recipes or have a question.

2. Each Member has the right to maintain only one account to access.

3. Members remain solely responsible for all activities that occur under your personal password, the name to use, and generally their account.

4. Members agree to immediately notify of any unauthorized use of their account and any action or/and possible security breach. Also, the members are responsible only for the careful use of their account and their formal exit from their account at the end of each use. The is not responsible for any damage or injury resulting from the inability of the members to respect and follow this clause.

2. Content

2.(a). General

1. To assumes no responsibility for the content and opinions that may be expressed by the members of the. Each one is responsible of his word. That exist within the does not mean necessarily that we are also, support or encourage your comments and feedback are.

2. Each article, Tip, recipe and other content of this site is provided “as has” without guarantees. Visitors to accept that using our site “with their own risk”. The assumes no responsibility for any damages of any kind that may be caused by Allen to be displayed within a Web page. Each one is responsible to decide by himself the value, quality or validity of the information.

3. Although we try the tips and articles contained on our site are valid and properly, There is always the possibility of human error. If you have a medical problem, the only specialist is your doctor.

4. Although we ask users to respect the copyrights of others, There is always a case to be on our site some recipe or photo that is copyrighted. If this happens and there is something that belongs to you, Please contact us and we will be removed immediately.

5. Respect yourself our own copyright. The texts, the tips, videos, the content and photos have been published on the site are covered by copyright. Their use is prohibited without the written permission of the site's administrators.

2.(b). Entries

1. With the entry of prescriptions, videos, photos, advice, comments, ideas you are giving the inalienable right of use. We have the right to manage it at our discretion the entries, to the correct, to reproduce, to use within your site (putting for example photo of the recipe as a photo category, to put some recipe recipe of the day, to add photos or videos to recipes that don't have etc.)

2. The prescription is approved at the discretion of the administrator. Recipes written in all capital letters, in greeklish or with obvious shortcomings and mistakes are not approved. Also not approved recipes that are similar with recipes that already exist within your site. Aim is the quality and not the quantity, as well as the ease of all the friends who are looking for a recipe. For this reason we simply do a search for the content you wish to add (in order to avoid multiple repetitions) and to write Greek characters on your recipe.

3. O administrator can, again at the discretion of the, to make some corrections in the recipes to be fast-paced and written in the right way or even to change the title of the recipe.

4. If you delete a user's account for any reason, the entries you have made will remain inside the and will not be deleted and those, unless they decide something site administrators. Generally not deleted recipes once they have been published.

5. Uppercase letters and Roman characters do not use General, in any part of the site (recipes, reviews, etc).

6. Administrators have the right to delete comments that have been made in recipes, If something happens from the following: (a). Is offensive, (b). If there is a debate that is unrelated to the recipe.

7. The title of the recipe we write only the title of the recipe and nothing else. References to chefs and other not needed a ratings and recipe information appears in the name of the user who wrote. In case you submit without registration we put our name (If we want) recipe notes.

3. Logos, links etc

1. Logos and graphics of belong to us and may not be used without our written permission.

2. As we respect the copyrights of others, We expect the same from you. If you want to post a piece from our site, contact us to get our permission and indicate the source.
3.(a). Advertise – Cookies

We use third party products to serve ads when you visit the
These companies may use information (not including your name, the address, email address, or your phone number) about your visits to this and other websites in order to provide advertisements about goods and services of interest to you.(English version)

4. Copyright:

Το περιεχόμενο του site αποτελεί πνευματική ιδιοκτησία του It is illegal to copy, playing, modified in any way, part or all of the contents of the site without links, which refer to the original content or the home page and the prior written consent of

5. RSS
We provide RSS feed ( contains titles,photos, text and source link ) which you can use on your website as long as you remain the links that refer to the and it is already embedded in the RSS feed.

Thank you for your time and we hope you enjoy your visit to

good appetite!

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