The day of love

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The day of love, the Valentine's day is for those who honor him, a special occasion. A day, that even if don't like, the truth is that it is an opportunity to remember that love in our lifemate, Apart from everyday life and routine.

Either live together, or we have children, but in any other case, the truth is, the Saint of love, established, for many years in our country. A day, that concerns us all, Because love is the dominant ingredient in our lives. After the love goes through the stomach, the ZannetCooks has not only agree.

So even though some refuse to celebrate this day, a well cooked homemade food or any culinary creation from our hands, is always welcome. Don't forget, how we girlies, We are innately more romantic creatures though flowers and gifts is too much for you, a tasty dish, is that you have.

Brownie cake with hazelnut Praline nutbrownies (5)

beetmasctart (3) Beetroot with mascarpone tart

Persimmon cream cheese persimmoncream (5)

redsoup (6) Red soup

Cajun salmon and hasselback potatoes cajunsalmon (2)

pomwalnturkey (5) Turkey in pomegranate sauce with walnuts and safran basmati

Truffles with hazelnut praline nutellatruffles (1)

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