Mexican tacos at our table daily

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Tacos, for those who don't know him is primarily, Mexican food source. Made from tortilla (corn pie), in which we put various kinds of materials for filling, Depending on the tastes and appetites. Eaten with hands, that is why we usually make roll or bake to stabilize as our base and not leave the materials. We used "Taco shells ' available ready to trade and is particularly practical for such serbirismata.

Mexican tacos in our everyday table well, Why is delicious, easily, healthy and different from our usual serbirismata. Add, Remove, modify materials and procedures and prepare your own tacos.

Tacos with pumpkin and egg tacosavosquash (4)

vegblkbeanstacos (3) Vegetarian tacos with sweet potato and black bean

Spicy tacos with cauliflower and chickpeas tacosvegganthotiro (4)

tacosperch (3) Tacos with horseradish cream and perch marinati

Very spicy Turkey tacos tacosveryhot (6)

pombeeftacos (6) Tacos with beef in pomegranate sauce in slow cooker

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