Burgers Burger without meat Croquettes

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The tribute burgers burger without meat croquettes are a small collection of tasty and easy recipes, a category may well be added any kind of meat. Burger patties and croquettes that most we usually eat by adding minced meat or sausage, We here at the ZannetCooks.com we prepare with vegetarian mood and healthy way.

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The occasion was purely my personal preference in vegetarian diets or better in indifferent relationship with my meat. I firmly believe that it is not necessary in our diet, Since we can find valuable ingredients in many other raw materials. Any how you choose to eat in every day life certainly you won't be able to resist to our suggestions, Since it's like every time, delicious.

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The recipes without meat, It's simple and flexible as you can with your imagination and your own food tastes to enrich. This is the philosophy of ZannetCooks.com . We can create new dishes based on recipes found, test or serve us. Releasing the imagination and creativity with us only for delicious and healthy food.

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sweet potatoes Patties with chickpeas and quinoa

Roasted carrot croquettes with Dried apricots

cashews and halloumi Burger

leek croquettes with Gruyere

lentil burgers with paprika sauce

Tuna Burger with sundried tomatoes and peppers Florinis

Vegetarian burger with chickpeas

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