Delicious festive servings

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Recipes and suggestions that will fill our stomach and will keep our soul. Easy, tasty , simple and economical. Salty and sweet serbirismata with care and love from the ZannetCooks for your holiday table. Delicious festive serbirismata for all tastes.

Health, love, Food and a roof in the minds of all people, is my wish. To move all the best with loved ones and many smiles. Enjoy and get tons of every moment because these memories filled our minds all over the rest of the year.

Velour carrot soup with beef and traditional pasta carrotbeefxilopitaki (7)

beetavocsld (3) Beetroot salad with avocado and orange dressing

Salsa rod(j) pomsalsa (5)

orangepork (3) Pork with orange

Festive mince meat mincemeat (4)

pomtahiniyog (7) Light yoghurt dessert with tahini and pomegranate

Fennel and radish salad giortinor radishfennelsld (7)

twicecookedpork (7) Diplomageiremeno pork

Christmas red ryzosalata wildricesld (3)

kotsisakoulas (2) Kochi with spices in bag

Christmas lava cakes christsoufle (5)

kotsiparcel (6) Festive Kochi in package

Baked Turkey tenderloin with pumpkin and pineapple squashpineapplechick (7)

christlog (4) Giortinos trunk with biscuits

Coleslaw salad with blue cheese dressing christmcoleslaw (3)

lambchops (3) Pan-fried lamb mprizolakia

Gourmet party quick salad shredcabbsld (7)

kokkinorizoto (4) Red risotto with pumpkin and ricotta cheese

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