Asparagus on plate

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Asparagus on our plate this week after indeed is one of the features the season's vegetables. And with a little more elevated price, considered difficult and inaccessible vegetables. At we have other seven recipes you will love without scramble. Even if you consider them inaccessible economically, just think its their wholesomeness. Moreover, in recent years with its abundance of markets and competition, with a little searching you can find at pretty good prices.

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If you don't drink orange juice in the morning for the daily amount of vitamin C asparagus contain a strong dose of antioxidant vitamin and is truly a gourmet solution. Among other green or white this wand, lowers blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and the resistance of ophthalmic diseases associated with age.

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They have very few calories (43 calories in a cup) that can be eaten safely by those who are watching their diet. How could something different besides with so delicate show that feature.

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Spring salad with asparagus

Cod with asparagus in a package

Asparagus in the oven with stuffed sardines

Zucchini salad with asparagus and strawberries

Quick pizza with asparagus and feta

Asparagus and radishes with carrot puree

Warm Salad with asparagus and baked bread


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