Homemade granola

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Our theme this week is the granola. Some will be wondering what is this, some others, more and somewhere to get your eye and some, the most informed know very well what it's about and already preparing materials. The granola well is nothing other than rolled oats mingled with honey to join Nice the mixture. With the addition of dried or fresh fruits and nuts, other kinds of cereals, chocolate and anything else you put your mind create a perfectly healthy and delicious breakfast or snack for all hours.

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In recent years the trade variety granola increasingly growing. Well-known bars are the most sought-after species in the cereal sector because you can have it in the bag forever for a satisfying snack that covers the nutritional needs in the best way. But rising type of granola is to form cluster, IE bites cereal in innumerable combinations. Eaten plain, with milk, yogurt, fruit or as you prefer.

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The homemade granola that we present this week apart from more economical compared to this trade also has an additional advantage. Is formed or can be configured depending on your dietary needs, preferences or peculiarities of every organization. Does not contain preservatives and the extra sugar that usually have agorasta and can also make a beautiful gift in a jar or container that you choose.

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Simple peanut butter granola

Granola with ginger and quinoa

Addictive granola with curry

Savory granola bars

Granola with Apple and caramelised peanuts

Granola with apricot and jam

Granola bars with plums and quinoa

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