The fasting of 2016

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The fasting of 2016 is a guide for all dishes that will make more bearable the fasting before Easter. Budget dishes, easy executions, successful results is our goal and I think we did it.

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Fasting is not diet, is a healthy diet and Detox Guide. Requires attention to the foods we eat so don't take weight but to have only the benefits that can, without deprivation and with great variety. In all the days of great Lent is kept strict fasting except Saturday and Sunday, where catalysis wine and oil, allowed ie the consumption of wine and oil.

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Don't forget, that he who rejoices more Easter table is he honored the more able the abstinence of lent. That is why we will honour the fasting without other.

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Putaneska with shrimp

Fava tarts with shrimp putaneska

Lenten cookies with sprite and dried fruits

Special salad of black-eyed

Noodles with cabbage

Nougat with oats and Caramelized Apples

Tangy coleslaw with tahini dressing

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