What I cooked a year ago

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What I cooked a year ago, for the birthday of my beloved and anniversary of a month marriage is the topic of our little tribute. A full menu for 20 people who will solve the hands at any table you intend to do at home, especially now the holidays. As main dish, We chose goat meat, an entire , that we gave in the oven of the neighborhood. You pick another dish of your preference or follow the "tyflosoyrti" of ZannetCooks. Now approaching the holidays will have ready a guide that will make us proud for ourselves.

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The recipes mention above – as any forums – persons attributable, so you can customize them depending on your guests. As for the goat meat, If you choose to serve as we, be sure to marinate it in lots of lemon juice, Spice, oregano and a little oil. just simple. next put in metal or Tin , together with roughly chopped potatoes and sprinkle with extra oregano, Spice, as well as, oil and lemon.

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For 8 pounds meat, the oven needed 3 hours and something and was really delight, without to get the oven of our home or to "catch" from the other preparations.

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Arugula with smoked ham and Caramelized almonds

Beet salad with pomegranate and pistachio

Oven penne with cheeses and pesto

Bulgur with leeks and prunes

Rice with vermicelli and chestnuts

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