The festive table and 2 new year's cakes

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This year more than any other year I struggled a lot to suggest recipes for festive table even more to write to you two beautiful words for the holiday season and New Year. So the bad news around the world and also as many problems in our country create bad psychology for all of us.

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And then I thought : "This year more than any other year we leave behind the problems, let aside the difficulties and let's banish worries. Let's celebrate with the people we love and love us. Let us feel the warmth and coziness of the family. Let's give love, interest and care to those in need. Let us become children again and let our house be flooded by voices, hugs and kisses."

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The and this year near you, will take care to flood our house with beautiful scents and delicious goodies, that will not cost us a fortune and will not leave anyone hungry. Shortly before leaving the 2015 before welcoming the 2016, over the festive table, I wish everyone a happy new year with health, love and peace. Let us not watch at other bad images, let not live other tragic situations and hopefully in a world, more human when we can again dream for the future.Merry Christmas! Happy New Year everybody! Happy 2016!

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Colorful Christmas Salad

Rolls with feta and pomegranate

Roasted mushroom Pate with feta

Christmas granola

Mushroom soup with chestnuts and red potatoes

Beef with dried figs

Turkey fillets with orange and potatoes with truffle oil

Roasted Vegetable quiche

Side dish with wild rice and chestnuts

Tenderloin in jam marinade

Turkey with vegetables in the oven

New year's pudding with persimmons and rum

Whole grain shortbread with Parmesan

Marinated Pork roasted with orange juice

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Easy vasilopita with applesauce

Melenia cake

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