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This year my friends I don't have many words to say to you. Or rather, now that I have a lot. Too many. I don't have time. So much has changed my life in the last year that I figured it out. Two new zwoyles came in homemade and filled with joy, optimism, hope, hugs and too much fatigue. Nor I myself do not know how I managed and I found time and prepared what we present to you below. I hope with my little courage and immense happiness to your managed to build things that will help somewhat in your festive menu. I by implementing each of these, I was getting power, was loosing and felt creative.

sweetbread-1 prunebr-4

Like every year after all, the recipes are easy, Economic and fast enough. Now, more than any other time I realized what means real lack of time and I take my hat off to women who simultaneously with all other work, are mothers, housewives and so much more. I have the opportunity to work from home and this gives me great comfort as regards children and the household, Although twins. I don't know how I accomplish if I needed to loose so I congratulate you ladies!

cocotruf-7 rosembiscuit-4

In addition we are and the Nice sheet, which prompts enough dedication and ourselves. Therefore there is no reason to kleistoyme in the kitchen. Και για να μην παρεξηγηθούν οι φίλοι, men, fathers and all males who are watching us, to know how apaxiwnw not at all your role. A few good things well at our table, with much love from our family and those who will celebrate with us, enough for truly happy holidays. I wish you from the bottom of my heart, that is best for each one of you individually, with health and love! Happy new year and good to pass.

chrcol-7 turkvegg-7

Turkey soup with lots of vegetables

Pumpkin Pie Christmas

Ribs with apples and carrots

Brown rice with sauerkraut and prunes

Sweet stuffed bread

Yogurt cake with vermicelli and coconut

Biscuits with Gouda and Rosemary

Italian festive bread

Festive fruit Slaw

Turkey with mixture of herbs and vegetables wine

Mediterranean olive oil Sauce

Stuffing with bread and nuts

Glaze white chocolate with pumpkin

Beetroot salad with Green Apple and celery

dippingoil-4 pumpspr-3

& 2 new year's cakes

almvas-6 cornvas-6

Almond pie

Golden rum

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