Tasty suggestions for leftovers

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Tasty suggestions for holiday leftovers in the context not only of the economy but also of innovation that pervades us in ZannetCooks.gr . prepared, tested and finally recommend. Recipes- solutions with leftoves from the festive table that will delight the whole family.

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Are healthy, easy and above all imaginative. No longer need to worry about leftovers. In Cookania.gr we have prepared dishes that will solve your hands. Besides, who has an appetite for cooking after such big celebrations. Usually we are fed up of all and want quick solutions to our hunger.

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With the recipes we chose this year we use besides the standard turkey, vegetables and rice left. You can fill out those left over from your own table. Pork and all meat, pasta or mashed potatoes, sauces and cheeses, everything can be made new dishes for our daily meals.

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Winter vegetable stew with leftover turkey

Kritharoto with cottage cheese and leftover turkey

Pancakes with leftover vegetables

Colorful skillet with leftovers

Savory baked rice pudding with Turkey that stayed

Vegetable soup with noodles and leftover turkey

Tempelikoi cabbage

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