Easter leftover

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With Easter leftover is our theme this week and if you ask me, the
"leftovers" is my best. The choices for many variations where with a little inspiration create miracles. Beyond the economy, leftovers are most perspective for me. If not for you, just take a look at the recipes that I propose.

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Even if you do Passover outside the home, becoming a cookie, brioche, egg or anything like that would have. Why not make the best so to thank all the family and not only.

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Starting with this ' game ' with that left Easter , other celebrations or generally by the week's meals and you will see that in addition to fun, creative and economical is also very very delicious. So who will prepare an additional quantity of various foods will see how recyclable they can become.

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Frittata with Easter soup

Cookies with Easter eggs

Spring salad with leftover lamb and eggs

Peas Curry with eggs

French toast with brioche and marmalade

Sandwich with healthy egg salad

Egg salad with tapenade

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