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The fruit of rodia, «common» roia, He is known in humans since prehistoric times. As the place of origin is geographically the Central Asia. The common roia or else Apple Iberians, as according to Pliny Carthage was the best in quality pomegranates, belongs to family of roiwdwn. In Iran, where the pomegranate is native, believe that it is a gift of the gods to the people. The Prophet Muhammad, Indeed, in a quote in the Koran suggests eating pomegranate seeds: Why cleanse the body from the jealousy and hatred ". If this wondrous fruit reaches the Greek table almost exclusively as a fruit of autumn and winter, in the countries of the Middle East and especially in Persia and Syria, is considered a necessary ingredient in more than fifty different delicacies.

All the peoples of the region, Indeed, accustomed to brew a refreshing drink from the juice of the pomegranate, which they call "NAR sermpet" and offer to their guests official ceremonies. The most interesting presence of pomegranate in these kitchens are not the full use of fresh fruit of the zoymerwn, but Friday a juice pachyrreystoy (the sauce) that encapsulates all the flavors and smells of fruit. It is basically a kind of petimezioy with intense sweet and sour taste, who in Persia called ' romp with an», in Turkey "NAR nekersi" and "nastramp" in Georgia and translates as sour pomegranate. The dense this dark sauce gives a special flavor to many dishes with meat, but in fresh salads with green vegetables. In neighboring Turkey, "esme salatasi», a salad with chopped tomatoes, parsley, plenty of mint, cumin and pepper pulp broadens the flavor with a generous dose of concentrated Pomegranate juice. In Lebanon, the okra are completely separate tone, as cooked with plenty of butter and juice from sour pomegranate. The Persian cuisine, full of imagination and creativity, has its own favorite delicacy: e from chicken or duck, with grated nut, Saffron and butter, glazed with sweet and sour pomegranate paste, artymeni with flowers rose of Damascus. The pomegranate is used dried, in powder form, in Indian cuisine to give sweet and sour flavor to lentil and sigomageiremena vegetables with curry and saffron.

In the area of agriculture, an oily fish acquires a light-hearted taste when combined with thin eggplants and pomegranate seeds. Standardized Pomegranate juice sold in Lebanon, in Syria, in Turkey and in Persia. Also, in the Middle East a lot of candy with white color, mainly milk-based creams (moychalempi, asoyre, keskioyl), served garnished with pomegranate. Though all these find it very exotic, just add some pomegranate beans on green salads and those will gain not only color but also taste. Try though and pomegranate-sherbet recipe you will read below- which you can serve it iced with water or add one measuring cup of’ This in vodka or in your jeans, giving them new color and savory dynamic. In Eastern Crete saved recipes with salads which are made with chopped raw bitter Greens (chicory, Endive) and fresh pomegranate seeds. But in a mixture of cooked legumes, You can serve it cold as salad, pomegranate seeds give a ton of coolness. H contribution to Medical Hippocrates recommended Pomegranate juice as an aphrodisiac beverage suitable for the stomach. Dioscorides and Pliny suggested the pomegranate Peel and root decoction on intestinal parasites. Pulpy pomegranate decoction can be used in gargles for sore throats.

The dried roots of the decoction heals are rodia from gynecological diseases and relieves nausea. According to the Persian vulgar Medical, the decoction of the Bloodshot rodia flowers can alleviate the intense stomach pains. Pomegranate juice with olive oil involved is used to eliminate skin spots. Modern cosmetology uses the pomegranate and its antioxidant properties for the manufacture of antigirantikwn products. A glass with fresh Pomegranate juice is rich in potassium, iron, Selenium (antioxidant substance) vitamins a, B1, B2 and C. As for those of you who watch your silhouette, Remember that the 100 grams


4 – 5 fresh pomegranates
1 flitz. tsag. sugar
2 seeds of star anise
1 bit of nutmeg
1 piece of gum
blanched almonds


Step 1

Clean the pomegranates and you only get the fruits. You put them in a juicer and hold their juice. Empty the juice from pomegranates in a saucepan with the sugar and all the aromatic spices. Cook over high heat for 10 minutes. Let the sherbet to cool and strain to remove any remnants of spices. Put it in a jug and dilute with a little water, Depending on how dense or dilute the want. Add the blanched almonds and serve the sherbet frozen.

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