Egg nog

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The egg nog, though naturalized in America, He has started his career from the Old Albiwna (in the 17th century.), where recorded the posset, a drink from eggs, milk and wine, which enjoyed only the rich who had homesteads with animals. The made to keep warm in the winter and drank inside a small wooden mug, the noggin. The prescription of polytaxidemeni reaches the American N Otto with the endless farms, where just the bourbon replaces the wine.

This, they say, It was the favorite drink of George Washington, who made his own recipe with bourbon, Sherry and rum. Only the brave were experiencing, of course, Why was dynamite… In Puerto Rico, in the recipe I added rum and drink called coquito, While in Mexico rompope. In Peru the feasts come with biblia con pisco (the Peruvian brandy). End, in Germany, make the biersoppe, an egg nog with-what else;- beer! Attention! The egg nog contains a large amount of alcohol, as well as fatty. Must be served in very small quantities. Not to say that pathate headache from milk..



3 eggs (We separate the egg yolks from the egg whites), 3 tablespoons caster sugar
• Half teaspoon allspice (on the shelves of spices)
• Half teaspoon cinnamon
• Half teaspoon cloves
• Brandy, Dark Rum, hot milk
• Grated nutmeg


Step 1

Beat the egg whites in tight meringue. Separately Beat egg yolks until they turn grey and slowly add the sugar and spices. Mix carefully the two egg mixtures and divide into four glasses. Pour into each glass from half a shot of brandy and 1 shot dark rum and hot apogemizoyme (not boiling) milk. Stir and sprinkle with grated nutmeg. If you want, put the whole mixture into a bowl and serve with the ponts special ladle into small cups.

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