English breakfast without meat

  • Servings : 1


English breakfast without meat with leftover soup. I ate like you see on photos like lunch but if your eating needs permit, eat like a British breakfast. If you have leftover 1 Cup of the soup you prepared for the entire family and you don't want to throw it away, We have another solution.

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1 Cup of leftover bean soup , without much liquid, or canned beans

2 eggs

1 = Cup mushrooms link or cooked as we prefer

2 Toast bread slices

Cheese on toast, Depending on tastes

Cherry Tomatoes


Step 1

Prepare the toast, putting between slices of cheese of your choice and bake.

Step 2

In the meantime Cook the eggs, Depending on tastes.

Step 3

Place on a plate the mushrooms, beans, cherry tomatoes, eggs and toast and serve immediately..

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